The OGM Podcast


This podcast is and will be about the people. The people that inspire. The people that paved the way. The people with stories that deserve to be told. The people that are interesting. The people that are intriguing. The people that deserve to get their flowers now. The people that have something to say.  The people that have knowledge to share. The people who went through the grind and came out on the other side. The people that epitomize what it is to be an OGM.

Over the course of life you come across a lot of people.  Many of them play a big role in shaping you into the human you are today. Some for the better and others for worse.  Some inspire and others teach.  All of which culminate into who you are today.  The goal of this podcast will be to foster conversations with these people.  Have them tell their stories.  Share their experiences and how they navigated or are currently navigating the rigors of life. 

Hopefully through all the chatter there’s some inspiration for the OGM in you.

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